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  Genuine Tiffen


Basic Physical Protection for your Lens,
Plus UV Reduction.

We have found that SOME of our customers ONLY want to see the price. Others want ALL the Details. If you want to see EVERYTHING, just read on past the pricing information.

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Tiffen 37mm UV Protective Filter

This it the ONLY size I have.


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Buy two or more of any kind of filter, video tape, or a Camcorder or Camera Case and we will ship them all together.

Shipped with other items, we reduce total shipping costs depending on total weight.

We use Priority Mail for faster, more efficient delivery and tracking in the USA.
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Tiffen UV Pro Filter
TRUE Motion Picture and Television Broadcast Quality!

An American Company!
I am an AUTHORIZED Tiffen Dealer.

Bring out the Color and Purity
in your
Outdoor Pictures!

Mount Aetna
No Tiffen UV Filter
NO Filter
Tiffen UV Protective Filter
With Tiffen UV Protector TM Filter

Just how much DID you spend on that Lens?
And you are THINKING about putting something less than a top notch
Genuine Tiffen Filter on it?

Shame on you!

Please, notice the subtle, yet important color changes between the hazy picture with no filter and the purer, cleaner, less hazy picture WITH a Tiffen UV Protector TM Filter? The color is more realistic, more saturated, less washed out.

Tiffen UV Protector TM Filters (UV P) can remove some of the unwanted UltraViolet (UV) light in your outdoor scenes. It also serves as a PROTECTIVE Filter, keeping finger prints, dust, scratches, etc., from damaging your VERY Expensive Lens.

Use a Tiffen UV Protector TM Filter for shots that range over long distances, such as the example pictures, shown above, to achieve better Color Purity and Saturation, and less Haze.

One thing you should NOT expect is something I see in other ads on eBay. Do NOT expect ANY UV filter to turn a GREEN Sky Blue. Such pictures are nonsense. They are not even slightly realistic.

Founded in 1938, Tiffen is the world's leading manufacturer of glass filters for Still, Video and Motion Picture and Television photography.

Tiffen quality filters have been the choice of most movie and television productions around the world, and they are proud to be the only filter manufacturer honored with two Academy Awards for Technical Achievement, and an Emmy Award for Engineering Excellence.

Tiffen UV Protector TM Filters can cut some of the unwanted UV light that causes haze in your pictures. One thing they can NOT do is cut haze caused from Dust, Smoke, Smog, or other " particles" in the air. Pollution is NOT the same as UV caused Haze.

You achieve BEST results when you are shooting over long distances, such as across the Grand Canyon, in the Mountains, etc.

NOTE: Even if you are NOT shooting over these long distances, there is often a " blue"Haze in the background of much shorter shots. AND, the UV Protector TM Filter is a perfect, leave it on at all times, PROTECTIVE Barrier for that EXPENSIVE lens that might otherwise get dirty, scratched, or cracked. You can TOSS a broken filter without too much pain, but not a broken lens. I know, I've done it. It is a GOOD Insurance InvesTMent.

All in all, most professionals and many good amateur photographers and videographers LEAVE a high quality PROTECTIVE Filter on their lens at ALL Times. They can't afford to leave their lens vulnerable to Permanent, and EXPENSIVE Damage.

Again, should NOT expect ANY UV filter to turn a GREEN Sky Blue. Such pictures are nonsense. The ads are not even slightly realistic.

Innovative design, consistency and precision engineering make Tiffen Filters the first choice of NASA, motion picture and video production studios, and photographers the world over.

Tiffen Filters are backed by a ten-year warranty!


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If you have ANY Questions, Contact Us  BEFORE your Purchase!

To the best of my knowledge, the following devices use 37 mm Tiffen Filters.
Please, Check your Manual and make sure BEFORE buying.
If there is a mistake in the following table, I would appreciate a note about it.
Canon See your Manual.
Epson 650. See your Manual.
Fuji See your Manual.

DVL100 DVL105 DVL107 DVL200 DVL300 DVL305 DVL307 DVL310 DVL400 DVL500 DVL505 DVL507 DVL510 DVL600 DVL705 DVL707 DVL800 DVL805 DVL815 DVL915 DVL9800 and many others. Check your Manual.


See your Manual.


See your Manual.


DV851 DV901 DV951 M10 and many others. Check your Manual.


CD200 CD300 P20 P30 P50 Mavica FD71 FD73 FD75 FD80 FD81 FD83 FD85 FD87 FD88 FD90 FD92 PC100 PC110 PC115 PC120 S30 S50 TR818 TR7000 TRV20 TRV30 TRV37 TRV50 TRV57 TRV58 TRV67 TRV68 TRV70 TRV80 TRV87 TRV88 TRV98 TRV120 TRV130 TRV230 TRV320 TRV330 TRV517 TRV520 TRV530 TRV720 TRV730 TRV820 TRV830, HC65, HC85, HC1000  and many others. Check your Manual.

Not responsible for errors in this table. Check your Manual!

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