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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does the wired/wireless part of this weather station work?
A: This particular weather station has an optional wireless feature. You can either have your wind, rain, and thermo-hygro sensor wired together and have them transmit wireless to the base station or have them wired to the base station with the phone cable.

Q: Can I use additional sensors with this system?
A: No. The WS-2310 Weather Station is a closed system. It will not accept additional sensors.

Q: What is the maximum range of the weather station?
A: In wireless mode, the maximum range is about 80 feet. In wired mode, the maximum range is about 150 feet.

Q: Can I cut or shorten the wires that connect the sensors?
A: We do not recommend that, as it voids the warranty.

Q: How do I secure the rain gauge?
A: On the bottom of the sensor there are 4 holes. You can use those holes to screw the gauge into something. First remove the cover. You have to push in the tabs on the sides and then pull the cover off. There will be a teeter-totter that has a metal bar for an axis. Pull the metal bar out with a pair of pliers. The teeter-totter can then be removed giving you access to the screw holes. Make sure that you do not screw them in too tightly as that will cause the teeter-totter to malfunction. Then you can reinstall the teeter-totter making sure that it is replaced in exactly the reverse order from the way that it was taken out. Then replace the cover.

Q: How do I reset total rainfall?
A: Follow the steps below -

  1. Press the Min/Max button to get into that mode.
  2. Press the display button until just the Total Rain and the Time and Date are displayed.
  3. Then press the - button until it resets to zero.
  4. Do not  press any buttons until it returns to the regular display.

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